Pros and Cons of Getting LASIK

I’ve been thinking about getting LASIK eye surgery done for years now. I’ve been wearing glasses since third grade, and contacts since I was fourteen. I’ve talked to a few different optometrists about my surgery options, and they’ve all been really encouraging. While the information I’ve gathered has been enough to convince me that LASIK is the best choice for me, here are some of the pros and cons I’ve discovered while doing my research about getting Laser Eye Surgery in Melbourne:


No More Annoying Contacts or Glasses-

A life without dealing with contacts or glasses is a life of freedom. If you’re someone with really bad eyesight like me, it can be stressful to worry about tearing a contact when you’re out and about. I try to always have an extra pair with me, or my glasses, but that’s not always realistic. Glasses are fine for some people, but my eyes are so bad that even with my large frames I’m often distracted by the blurry peripheral vision. It’s also hard to comfortably lie down to read or watch tv with glasses on. It would be really nice to not worry about glasses or contacts.

Cost Over Time-

If you add up the cost of buying contact lenses and new glasses over a few years, you’ll see that having LASIK surgery in San Diego pays for itself in not much time. Depending on where you live, LASIK can cost anywhere from $1000-$4000 per eye. Although it’s not usually covered by insurance, a lot of surgery centers have payment plans.

Waking Up with Perfect Vision-

Those of us with severe nearsightedness know that waking up and not being able to see can be really frustrating. Pawing around for glasses or inserting contacts is no way to wake up in the morning! Imagine waking up to crystal clear vision… it might even make me a morning person!


I swear I’m not a conspiracy theorist, but it does seem like a bit of a gamble to rely so heavily on contacts being available for something as important as eyesight. Imagine trying to survive the apocalypse with your last pair of contacts, or no contacts at all! No thanks- I’d much rather fight zombies with 20/20 vision thank you very much.


All The Risks That Come With Surgery-

Even though San Antonio LASIK is considered a very safe procedure, there is always the risk that something could go wrong. In extremely rare cases, you could end up with much worse vision than you started with, or suffer significant eye injury.

Cost Up Front-

Like I mentioned earlier, not many insurance providers cover LASIK. Shelling out up to $8000 for anything is just not in the picture for a lot of people, although you can find out more about a LASIK provider in Denver that offers an easy payment plan by clicking here.

You May Have to Keep Going Back-

While most people are happy with their first hit of LASIK, some people require a second session of treatment to “adjust” their vision further. Make sure to find a provider that doesn’t charge for this, or you might be in for an expensive laser vision surgery experience.

Hopefully my research can help you make the decision if LASIK is right for you!

5 Tips That Can Help You Sell Your Junk Car For Top Dollar

Junk cars are eyesores to say the least. They are constant reminders that you once had a nice ride. Fortunately, they are not as useless as they seem. You can after all, sell it to cash for cars service providers. But that is not as easy as it sounds. You have to consider a number of factors. For instance, you shouldn’t trust any advertisement you come across on local classifieds. Consider the following tips if all you need is to get top dollar for your junk car.

Contact the right dealership

This is never easy. You have to list five or even 10 junk car removal companies you wish to consider, like Then take time to strike off any company that is likely to sweep your high expectations under the carpet. Average customer service, poor response and complaints from clients are just but some of the things that should make you strike a junk car removal company off your list.

Deal with dealerships directly

In other words, try the best to avoid middlemen. They will only reap you off. Think about it, what would a middleman do with a junk car? Nothing really, apart from reselling it for more cash that he or she is willing to pay you. Why not sell the car directly and bag the money yourself? It is as simple as calling any reputable junk car removal company within and about your neighbourhood.

Ask around

You would be surprised how many people know about cash for cars once you start asking around for the best junk car removal companies. Ask your neighbours, colleagues, friends and even relatives. Before you know it, you will be spoilt for choice.

Know your car model

Some models are always in demand. They fetch more cash than ladies can ever know. With that in mind, find out more about the model of your junk car and how much it is likely to fetch you. Don’t sell it in a hurry especially if it is a classic. It does not take time to research online about how classic junk cars are priced or rather valued, so take your time to know everything you need to know.

List usable parts

Let no middleman deceive you into thinking your junk car is not worth anything. There are parts of the car that can still fetch you a decent amount of cash. Find a mechanic to help you list down such parts. Then when bargaining with a junk car removal company on the price of your junk car, take into account the used parts. Of course you will have to pay the mechanic for such ‘consultancy’ services but in the end, it pays off very well. Alternatively, you can consider switching the mechanic’s place with someone who knows more about junk cars.

How to Move Like a Professional Mover

Moving new home young couple eat pizzaLike it or not, you’ll need to move at least once in your adult life. You might have a month’s time to sort through things, sell those things you don’t need anymore, and then pack up everything else. You might have only three days. In any case, you need to move.

If you’re financially able to, hire professional movers like Melbourne Furniture Removals. They’ll do the packing, heavy lifting, and driving to the new place. Even if you’re only moving across town, hire professionals. It’s less stress. (If it’s across town, try to hire locals.)

However, if you’re the “pro” in your current move, do it like they do.

Movers Have Helpers

Packing an entire household is a BIG job. Even if you only have a small flat, you have a life’s time of things. Don’t pack it all by yourself. “Hire” friends. Promise pizza (or whatever take-out everyone likes). Promise cash for gas. Get at least one other person to help you pack; three friends are better.

Movers Use Ample Supplies

This is one area you need to use good supplies. Fruit boxes won’t do it; they’ve been damp, and have holes on the bottom and sides. Using with used boxes? Make sure they’re sturdy, dry, and clean.

Other supplies include:

• Clear packing tape (at least a dozen rolls)

• Large permanent markers in blue or black

• Packing material (newspapers!)

• Zip-type bags (odds and ends, like screws)

• Garbage bags (blankets, stuffed toys)

Movers Are Methodical

Professional movers in Perth work in teams. That’s why three friends are better than just one. With Tom, Dick, and Harriet, you can have two teams. Each team packs one room.

Be sure everyone knows to mark each box as it’s packed. (living room, kitchen, etc.). If needed, put some detail on the box: books, 3x computer cords. The books don’t need delineating; but you might need the cords sooner than you think.

Then, take a break.

Movers Take Breaks

Self-moving is an emotional strain and a physical pain. Short breaks – 10-15 minutes – help alleviate both. At mid-day, take a full meal break. This is the time for the pizza! Clarify the next wave of packing. Be sure to drink water all day.

It’s tempting to keep going. But, do take breaks. They’ll save your back, legs, and sanity.

Movers Have Trucks

You know that some of your things must go with you. Your pets, your important papers, and your medicines can’t be packed away.

For the rest, hire a truck. Self-moving companies are reasonably priced. Get a van or truck in whatever size suits your needs. Cart out the sealed boxes as you pack the rooms.

You’re Done!

With three friends, and a pizza or two, your place can be packed in 8-10 hours. That’s how professionals do it: helpers, plenty of supplies, a truck, and reasonable breaks.

Go on. Go pack up your house!

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